Liberation Day, May 8th.

Today, we remember May 8th. Liberation Day or Tag der Befreiung. For some, this marks a day of important celebration – victory over fascism, over the end of Nazism in WWII Europe, VEDay77.

For others, this very day is also one of remembrance and commemoration;to pay tribute to all victims whose lives, histories & futures, have been eradicated by the terrors of Nazi Germany. It is a pain that didn’t just stop – for it is an ongoing influence.

For many of us, it should not be enough to „just remember“, but to always keep on fighting fascism wherever it tries to appear. To protect the vulnerable and marginalized. ‚Never again‘ cannot solely be a phrase of empty meaning or a reassuring pat on our backs for „having remembered“. It must become an unbreakable promise to each other to not stay silent in the face of oppression. To take action in a way we, as individuals, are able to, may a situation arise.

Most importantly maybe, to work on changing the system that tries to reestablish misanthropy. To not giving an opportunity in the first place.

deepest and most sincere solidarity,
asexual antifascism

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