Asexual inclusion in GALOP’s UK LGBT+ People & Sexual Violence Report 2022

TW sexualized violence SA acemisia transmisia corrective rape

Galop,the LGBT+ anti-abuse charity, released the 2022 ‚LGBT+ People & Sexual Violence‘ report about queer survivor experiences of sexual violence in the United Kingdom over 16 years of age, including 22.6% asexual respondents.

Focusing on explicit mentions of asexuality:

  • „Some groups surveyed were more likely to experience sexual violence with intent to convert or punish than others. This included trans men (35% of 72), non-binary people (32% of 276) and ace people (34% of 212).
  • I told him what I was going through, discovering my asexuality, and he laughed. He said that I simply hadn’t had sex yet and that he could fix me. After that he assaulted me.
  • I feel like sexual violence made me doubt whether my asexuality was truly a valid sexuality or just a result.“

PinkNews coverage includes the overall findings since the results were mostly presented as combined LGBTQIA+ experiences. They did not specifically mention the increased risk of asexual people.

TW queermisia SA conversion therapy self harm suicide

The entire report by galop can be found here:

UK Resources:

LGBTQIA+ Hate Crime Helpline
020 7704 2040

National LGBTQIA+ Domestic Abuse Helpline
0800 999 5428

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