Ace inclusive UK questionnaire & more on the negative impact of COVID-19 on asexuals

CN Covid-19

This survey by Galop (link or tweet to the right) for people in the UK is, indeed, ace inclusive!

So important that you include aces here! It means A LOT! Research (FH Münster, Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin) in Germany found that asexual and trans people reported to feel significantly worse (loneliness) than any other group!
Read more here: COVID-19-Studie: «Asexuelle und trans Menschen fühlen sich deutlich einsamer»(Nachtrag)

If you think that shouldn’t really matter – you’re wrong: This research shows that transgender folx and asexual people (and most certainly trans aces) are very vulnerable in this pandemic and at high risk at suffering significantly!

The website of @lgbtOutLife does not mention the inclusion of people on the asexual spectrum (only „LGBTQ+“), BUT the LGBTQ+ LOCKDOWN WELLBEING REPORT 2020 pdf by OutLife shows asexual people were indeed part of this research – with astounding results.
article TW suicide violence abuse depression anxiety:

Yet, we’re unable to make comparative statements here since the %s of resulting impact by sexual orientation/age/ethnicity/etc. haven’t been statistically analyzed among each other! Differences alone don’t allow a statement on if they are significantly differing and by how much!

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