Asexual Affirmations I – IV

#AsexualAffirmations I

Aces, you deserve your orientation, your experiences and also your discrimination to be taken seriously!
Do not believe those who belittle you, for they are wrong.
Listen to and connect with your asexual peers.
We’re here for each other!

#AsexualAffirmations II

Dear asexual kids and teens, you matter.
You really do.
You don’t need to let others take away your agency!
You know yourself best. Trust that feeling.

#AsexualAffirmations III

Dear asexual elders, we don’t praise you enough.
You’ve paved the way for us and I’m so glad that I’m allowed to follow you.
Thanks to you, we are more visible than ever.
Thank you.

#AsexualAffirmations IV

Asexuelle sind komplette Wesen, völlig vollständig.
Stete sexuelle Anziehung missen wir nicht.
Aber wir sind absolut wunderbar,

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