Sex repulsion, positivity vs negativity

Because I have seen Ace Memes on my timeline that falsely portrayed ’sex positive asexuals‘ vs ’sex repulsed asexuals‘ while in reality, these are two descriptors that can exist together. They are NOT opposite sides to the same coin! Obviously, some people believe that ’sex favourable‘ is the same as being ’sex positive‘. Which, no. It’s not the same. Yet I cannot understand why ffs a ton of asexual advocates can’t get it right by now! It’s not that hard once you know.

THREAD about the political stance on sex vs the individual relationship with it

And I beg y’all to never ever make me see another „respect all aces“ where you include sex negative asexuals. I don’t support that shit. If you police, judge and shame other adult’s sex lives, I’m not gonna support you. Fuck you!

🤡: „But how can you claim to support liberation if you don’t support…1?!

insert age-old tale about individual freedom and cutting into other human beings‘ rights (plus literally the fight for, to name just 1 historic movement, Queer Liberation to end the shame around sex)

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