Pride and prejudice: Why white LGBTQ+ need to listen right now

Joint editor Annette Pryce discusses racism in the LGBTQ+ community. „There is no pride for some of us without liberation for all of us.“

We’re in danger of forgetting ourselves once again. Not remembering how we got here – whose shoulders we stand on. We’re witnessing the backlash against hundreds of years of oppression, discrimination and systemic racism. And yet we are in danger of perpetuating the same oppression because we feel like our queerness gives us a free pass to whine like we’re ‚the most oppressed of them all‘. It’s not a competition, and certainly not one anyone wants to win.

I had to have words with a community member who wanted to copy the image idea below for the LGBTQ+ community in pride month, ’some of whom happen to be black‚, they said. I despaired and replied quite bluntly that we would not be doing that as…

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