PSA for the rest of the LGBTQIA+ community: Aces don’t restrict your sex lives

PSA for the rest of the LGBTQIA+ community:

Asexual ppl HAVE NEVER advocated for restricting ANYONE’S sex life!

Ace exclusionists & gatekeepers hidding their anti-asexual bias behind fearmongering lies of using asexuality synonymous w/ sex negativity. Don’t buy into it!

Implications to dissect here

  • pretending all asexuals are both sex negative & sex repulsed (two false claims)
  • painting the ace community as the villain who wants to
    •  „ban all sex“,
    • convert allosexuals to ‚become‘ asexual,

reusing old queermisic discrimination.

It saddens me that we even have to talk about this when it’s so clearly propaganda. We aces shouldn’t have to justify ourselves but the rise of acemisia & anti-asexual bias especially amongst younger LGBTQIA+ ppl is frightening! Exclusion is never acceptable, yet here we are.

Learn the difference between

> sex positivity / negativity as the political stances towards sex generally &

> sex favorable / repulsed / averse / conflicted / etc. as one’s personal attitude

Not all aces are always sex repulsed and we as a community are certainly not sex negative!

Dear LGBTQIA+ community,

asexuals have always first & foremost advocate for a self-determined life. We are no intruders to the queer club that came to invade your sex lives! And certainly not to ban sex! It’s a lie spun by exclusionists. Even some aces have sex, some don’t.

Asexuality is for most of us about sexual attraction, not action!

Gatekeepers spreading lies that we „secretly want to make you asexual„. With the ‚ban queer sex‘, these narratives are playing into known discrimination tactics used to oppress the queer community in the past.

Exclusionists and gatekeepers are known to use similar „discourse arguments“ from the past of queer history, such as bimisia („we’re basically het /straight privileged„) or transmisia („you don’t belong with us. build your own community„) and repaint them to use against us.

Exclusion talk about „turning everyone asexual„: The very same bs that other queer people had been confronted with by non-queer oppressors for centuries!

The asexual community has always been about sexual liberation, in whatever form it comes! Including lots of sex & none! 

And to be frank, these are just a few talking points in this mess. But the LGBTQIA+ community mostly doesn’t care that history repeats itself because „it’s just the asexuals“; we seem harmless, boring and as a group that brings nothing to the table (from a knowledge point).

Not to mention that there too is a general re-rise of queermisia inside our community (LGB Alliance, TERFs – just to name a few) that’s not been taken seriously by the most privileged among us (white endosex cisgender gay ppl) who oftentimes have been turned apolitical.

*being sarcastic* I'm so shocked
So schockierend /Sarkasmus

So while we started at „asexuals have never advocated for restricting your sex life“, we end at the very problems of inter-communal struggles, to put it lightly: We must fight gatekeeping.

Don’t let their lies and poison deceive you or the generations coming after us. 

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